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Domain FAQ's

HALLOdesign.net can Register and Host .com, .net, & .org Domain Names Up To 67 Characters in Length!
Domain names must contain alpha-numeric characters and no characters such as the "&" or "<". If your result comes up as available, don't hesitate to order now, because it could be gone tomorrow!

NOTE: Please be certain of your desired domain name BEFORE you complete your order. HALLOdesign.net can NOT change a domain name for you if you decide later that you'd rather have a different name. There are no refunds on completed domain name registrations. CHECK IF YOUR DOMAIN IS AVAILABLE ABOVE

We can host any other domain (valid TLD) as well, but currently do registrations for only those listed above. If you would like to order hosting using a different foreign domain extension, simply use our regular order form, and we will provide the information you'll need from us to complete the registration for that domain name.

Please NOTE: We can not renew a domain name that wasn't registered through our system.

If you registered your domain name somewhere else, and you want to renew it with us, you will first need to transfer the domain name to our registrar, which will add one year to your current expiration date.



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